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+ Construction and architecture service


You worry about design, construction and home construction, you worry about the long time of the construction, please contact us. 

  * Save time: When using this product package, you have managed your home construction plan and wholeheartedly devoted to work at the office, legal procedures, permission to build. We have built a quick and professional way.
   * Cost savings: When deciding to build a house, you will have to find yourself a design architect, a material supplier and a construction unit. Choosing three separate units makes you a lot more expensive and you will have to buy supplies at retail prices. By using our service, you not only save costs but also can coordinate easily with the unit to perform in the shortest time when you need to modify or change a few weak but does not affect much to the original estimate.
   * Effectiveness: With a team of experienced architects, engineers, creative, responsible for work, dedicated to the profession, we bring you a suitable house for feng shui Modern but still retains the oriental style. In our designs, we always aim to nature, take advantage of natural energy sources to bring you comfort and cost savings. In particular, we are committed to warranty construction structure - something that not many units do.
  We believe that meeting and working together is an opportunity, we always respect the faith that you give us. Look forward to your cooperation in the near future!

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